Simple banana-oat cookies

Enjoy these simple and satisfying cookies which can fit in a good healthy diet, and are nourishing and tasty at the same time. Enjoy the combination of the natural sweetness of the banana and dates with the nutritious oats that will keep you fulfilled and let your body absorb the natural sugars for an extended period of time. The cookies are done in a few minutes and you only need two basic ingredients.Healthy and nutritious glutenfree banana oat cookies Continue reading

Pumpkin-date baby birthday cake

Baking for small children is exciting, because you really want to make something special and delicious while taking the healthy to the limits. I love to use honey in my baking, because it feels much more natural than refined sugar and it adds a deeper taste. However, under one year of age it is not recommended to give honey to kids. Luckily this one was for a second birthday, so the combination of honey, dates and spices was perfect to make the cake more exotic, even a little Arabic.
Spicy glutenfree cake with kabocha pumpkin

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Raspberry&white chocolate cake

This month I`m celebrating great news for my blog; I finally got myself a proper camera, and I can`t get enough of it! You can check out the amazing pictures it makes in this post already. As small it might sound, it will make a huge difference for me, I can feel it already. For this occasion I would like to share my new favourite cake that I can`t get enough of; this super healthy refreshing treat from the fridge can be lifesaver when you have a BBQ on a hot summer day and you want to end it with a fruity light guilt-free dessert.
Healthy raspberry-white chocolate cke with glutenfree oat and almond crust

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Coconut & Strawberry cake

This airy, soft sponge cake loaded with juicy baked strawberries and fresh coconut will blow your mind. With a little twist on the traditional cake it is airy but still dense, wonderfully coconutty and, as a bonus, completely dairy free. The secret; instead of normal milk and butter, coconut milk and oil is used plus a little extra coconut cream that just brings the flavours in the cake to perfection.

Strawberry coconut cake

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Fruity baked cheesecake with dates

Experimenting with alternative ways to sweeten desserts can get really interesting because the alternatives can change or add flavours, and enrichen the cake instead of plainly adding sweetness as the traditional white sugar does. This recipe is a perfect example of this: the dates in the quark add flavour, texture and of course nutritional values. The flavourful spicy fruity swirl gives you an opportunity to get creative, and decorate the cake to make it strikingly beautiful.1IMG_3634 - Copy

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