Taco night – juicy tacos with cauliflower `mince`

Scrumptious vegetarian tacos, with garlic yoghurt sauce, tomato salsa and a rich cauliflower `mince`.

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3 variations for festive stuffed eggs

These gorgeous stuffed eggs could be the star of your Easter brunch, they are easy to assemble and success is guaranteed. There are three taste combinations: Salmon-Wasabi, Ham-Horseradish and Thyme-Mushroom, which one will be your favourite?

Gluten free lactose free vegetarian healthy green stuffed eggs

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Spaghetti Squash Bolognaise

Meet my new crush: the spaghetti squash. The squash is baked in the oven, after which the stringy spaghetti-like meat is mixed with rich tomato sauce topped with a layer of molten grilled cheese. It is a natural bowl of flavourful and filling gluten free goodness and practically without any carbs. It is comparable with a bowl of traditional spaghetti, as I use a similar sauce, but the taste is just richer and the squash is simply much more nutritious than simple pasta.

A bowl of autumn: Kabocha squash, saghetti squash, nuts and more

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Fruity overnight oats – Redcurrant

Overnight oats is my most favourite breakfast to-go for any day of the week. Sometimes I mix a few jars and be set for all breakfasts of the week, or just mix them in quickly the night before and take the jar to work. It is really convenient and almost a no brainer: I take a look at what fruits I have lying around in the kitchen and just mix it in quickly with the oats and chia seeds. It is such a nice thing to enjoy in the morning: creamy, sweet but not too sweet, cold and refreshing and pure.
My favourite glutenfree breakfast - overnight oats with fresh berries

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Raspberry&white chocolate cake

This month I`m celebrating great news for my blog; I finally got myself a proper camera, and I can`t get enough of it! You can check out the amazing pictures it makes in this post already. As small it might sound, it will make a huge difference for me, I can feel it already. For this occasion I would like to share my new favourite cake that I can`t get enough of; this super healthy refreshing treat from the fridge can be lifesaver when you have a BBQ on a hot summer day and you want to end it with a fruity light guilt-free dessert.
Healthy raspberry-white chocolate cke with glutenfree oat and almond crust

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