Pickled purple onion and radishes

This quick and easy recipe will change your way of building hamburgers, it will be the new star of your fresh salads, and the highlight on your dips and spreads. The mild purple onion is pickled in a spicy juice to soften the taste and bring out its stunning pinkish purple colours. This recipe will take you five minutes to make and will be the star of your BBQ.Gluten free sndwich with pickled onions, vegetarian patty and radish sprouts

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Chicory salad with apples and mustard dressing

Let the crunchy fresh bites surprise you with the slight bitterness of the chicory balanced by the sweet and tangy apples and cranberries drizzled with a rich honey mustard dressing. This is a perfect salad for bigger dinners, it makes a good combination with roasted meat or even with mackerel pie
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Avocado-pesto toast

Mixing perfectly ripe soft avocados with pesto takes avo toast to a whole new level. I love the chunkiness and the comforting taste of this super healthy spread. The other plus is that you can make a bigger portion and keep it in a pot or mason jar for a few days, so you don’t have to make single portions every time you feel like this yummie treat. It also saves time on those hectic mornings when every precious minute counts.
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Roasted pumpkin, feta cheese and pumpkin salad

I guess I`ll have to admit it anyways, I`m in a really long roasted pumpkin salad phase in my life. It just feels like it never gets old. It probably will at some point, but let`s just enjoy it for the moment. The whole thing started in December, when I tried the delicious kabocha squash for the first time. I had to realize that pumpkins can be really different even if the orange flesh of them look all alike. It can vary from sweet to almost neutral and from creamy to watery and the kabocha was far the tastiest I tried so far.Salad with roasted pumpkin, feta cheese and pumpkin Continue reading