Quick fish soup with coconut and tomato

A mild and creamy bowl of fish soup that can be put together within a hour is the key to a cosy family dinner. Thanks to the grated sweet potatoes and fish stock the rich flavourful base is created within half an hour. The fish can be varied depending on what is available, I used wild salmon and coquilles, but it can be perfectly substituted with other types of fish fillet, shrimps or mussels.Fish soup against food waste-lactose free, gluten free, low carb, low fat dinnner Continue reading


Coconut & Strawberry cake

This airy, soft sponge cake loaded with juicy baked strawberries and fresh coconut will blow your mind. With a little twist on the traditional cake it is airy but still dense, wonderfully coconutty and, as a bonus, completely dairy free. The secret; instead of normal milk and butter, coconut milk and oil is used plus a little extra coconut cream that just brings the flavours in the cake to perfection.

Strawberry coconut cake

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