Vegetable stock from parts you would have thrown out – best practises against food waste

Today I wanted to share with you something that is not exactly a recipe, but is more of a good habit that saves tasteful food bits and gives you delicious dishes in the same time. The vegetable stock you can create based on this article might not be much on its own but it can be the base of countless delicious home made meals.

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Quick fish soup with coconut and tomato

A mild and creamy bowl of fish soup that can be put together within a hour is the key to a cosy family dinner. Thanks to the grated sweet potatoes and fish stock the rich flavourful base is created within half an hour. The fish can be varied depending on what is available, I used wild salmon and coquilles, but it can be perfectly substituted with other types of fish fillet, shrimps or mussels.Fish soup against food waste-lactose free, gluten free, low carb, low fat dinnner Continue reading

Carrot and coriander soup with roasted cashews

Fall is upon us, and we start craving for soups. A soup to warm us up when we get home to be grateful that we don`t have to spend any more time outside in the wind and rain… This hearty soup is full of fragrant spices, boosting your immune system. It is naturally thick and sweet from the carrots and crunchy roasted cashews on top with a little twist of lemon juice for the taste and the extra vitamin C. The cold crème fraiche balances the spiciness and sooths the taste buds, if you like it hot you can even leave it out.Carrot and criander soup with roasted cashews Continue reading