Mac&Mac, creamy mackerel one pot dish

Fall in love with this incredibly rich creamy pasta sauce that is filled with nourishing healthy ingredients: smoked mackerel in harmony with the aromatic fennel and a little kick of cayenne.  Gluten free, lactose free, low fat smoked mackerel pasta Continue reading


Smoked mackerel pie with rosemary

The purple of the caramelized red onion rings swirling around in the sea of smoky-creamy potatoes crowned with a generous amount of matured Dutch cheese makes this veggie-loaded smoked mackerel pie with fresh rosemary the best weeknight dinner.
Smoked mackerel pie with fresh rosemary and gluten free pie crust Continue reading

Smoked mackerel salad

It is impressive how you can have so many tastes and structures in one simple dish. I love the balance of the sweet and crispy sugar snaps, the crunchy zucchini stripes with the soft, and smoky fish tossed with the lemony dill dressing. This combination makes a fresh and crunchy salad packed with nutrients which is comforting and filling at the same time. It is perfect for a rich gourmet dinner or as a starter.Smked mackerel salad with dill and courgette stripes Continue reading