Pickled purple onion and radishes

This quick and easy recipe will change your way of building hamburgers, it will be the new star of your fresh salads, and the highlight on your dips and spreads. The mild purple onion is pickled in a spicy juice to soften the taste and bring out its stunning pinkish purple colours. This recipe will take you five minutes to make and will be the star of your BBQ.Gluten free sndwich with pickled onions, vegetarian patty and radish sprouts

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Chilled avocado-dill soup

This week the hottest temperatures in over a century were recorded in the Netherlands. Who said you need to suffer if ist’s 38 degrees outside? Embrace the heat waves and enjoy this refreshing soup that is so easy to make, it almost makes itself. You can have it on the table in less then 10 minutes.Refreshing cold avocado soup for the hot summer days (and nights) Continue reading