Beetroot Vinaigrette

A healthy but filling salad where the soft, earthy taste and natural sweetness of the vegs is playing along well with the crispy sour pickles and the fresh herbs are completing the harmony of the sweet and sour.

Beetroot Vinaigrette - sweet and savoury healthy and nutritious salad - gluten free, lactoe free, vegan Continue reading


Carroghetti – carrot spaghetti in roasted paprika and walnut sauce

You can make vegetable spaghetti from any vegs that you can cut in the spiral slicer. The most typical version is made with courgette, because it has a really light taste and it barely needs any cooking when it`s cut so thin, so it is enough to infuse it in the warm pasta sauce for a few minutes before serving. In this recipe I decided to use carrots as basis, because they have a slightly sweeter taste and a little more bite when cooked. They make a perfect combination with this slightly sweet and hot creamy sauce of roasted sweet pepper, walnuts and cheese with little bites of the salty black olives.00DSC_4092 - Copy (2) Continue reading

Carrot and coriander soup with roasted cashews

Fall is upon us, and we start craving for soups. A soup to warm us up when we get home to be grateful that we don`t have to spend any more time outside in the wind and rain… This hearty soup is full of fragrant spices, boosting your immune system. It is naturally thick and sweet from the carrots and crunchy roasted cashews on top with a little twist of lemon juice for the taste and the extra vitamin C. The cold crème fraiche balances the spiciness and sooths the taste buds, if you like it hot you can even leave it out.Carrot and criander soup with roasted cashews Continue reading