Chestnut pancakes

Gluten free, lactose free, healthy, low fat, nutritious, plaleo pancakes made with chestnut flour

These light, fluffy pancakes are naturally gluten free and extremely nutritious thanks to the mixture of chestnut and teff flours in the batter. These flours are not only providing loads of minerals and vitamins but also give the pancakes a deep nutty flavour. Continue reading


Quick fish soup with coconut and tomato

A mild and creamy bowl of fish soup that can be put together within a hour is the key to a cosy family dinner. Thanks to the grated sweet potatoes and fish stock the rich flavourful base is created within half an hour. The fish can be varied depending on what is available, I used wild salmon and coquilles, but it can be perfectly substituted with other types of fish fillet, shrimps or mussels.Fish soup against food waste-lactose free, gluten free, low carb, low fat dinnner Continue reading

Mushroom and chestnut cottage pie

It is finally snowing in Amsterdam! It is so gorgeous, I wish I could just sit down at the window with a cup of hot tea and gaze at the beautiful snowy trees and rooftops. There is no better time to cook this recipe then right now. Filling, flavourful and cozy: this is the perfect winter dish. The delicious smells are already filling the house while making the dish, but when the steaming hot stew breaks free after cutting into the potato crust the smells will warm you through all the way.

Cottage pie with sweet potato mash and comforting vegan mushroom-chestnut stew Continue reading

Spaghetti Squash Bolognaise

Meet my new crush: the spaghetti squash. The squash is baked in the oven, after which the stringy spaghetti-like meat is mixed with rich tomato sauce topped with a layer of molten grilled cheese. It is a natural bowl of flavourful and filling gluten free goodness and practically without any carbs. It is comparable with a bowl of traditional spaghetti, as I use a similar sauce, but the taste is just richer and the squash is simply much more nutritious than simple pasta.

A bowl of autumn: Kabocha squash, saghetti squash, nuts and more

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