3 variations for festive stuffed eggs

These gorgeous stuffed eggs could be the star of your Easter brunch, they are easy to assemble and success is guaranteed. There are three taste combinations: Salmon-Wasabi, Ham-Horseradish and Thyme-Mushroom, which one will be your favourite?

Gluten free lactose free vegetarian healthy green stuffed eggs

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Chestnut pancakes

Gluten free, lactose free, healthy, low fat, nutritious, plaleo pancakes made with chestnut flour

These light, fluffy pancakes are naturally gluten free and extremely nutritious thanks to the mixture of chestnut and teff flours in the batter. These flours are not only providing loads of minerals and vitamins but also give the pancakes a deep nutty flavour. Continue reading

Avocado-pesto toast

Mixing perfectly ripe soft avocados with pesto takes avo toast to a whole new level. I love the chunkiness and the comforting taste of this super healthy spread. The other plus is that you can make a bigger portion and keep it in a pot or mason jar for a few days, so you don’t have to make single portions every time you feel like this yummie treat. It also saves time on those hectic mornings when every precious minute counts.
0IMGP8202 - Copy

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Fruity overnight oats – Redcurrant

Overnight oats is my most favourite breakfast to-go for any day of the week. Sometimes I mix a few jars and be set for all breakfasts of the week, or just mix them in quickly the night before and take the jar to work. It is really convenient and almost a no brainer: I take a look at what fruits I have lying around in the kitchen and just mix it in quickly with the oats and chia seeds. It is such a nice thing to enjoy in the morning: creamy, sweet but not too sweet, cold and refreshing and pure.
My favourite glutenfree breakfast - overnight oats with fresh berries

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Buckwheat porridge

My most favourite discovery lately is the buckwheat porridge. I knew that buckwheat was gluten free and I loved them in my muesli, but never thought that it is so easy to cook it into a delicious creamy, thick porridge with a bite of the little pyramids. They are naturally gluten free, and easy to rinse, so it is also a big plus for me that I don’t have to buy a ridiculously overpriced gluten-free version of it to feel safe (that is my biggest issue with the oat flakes).Gluten free buchwheat porridge in two ways Continue reading