Hot choc(oats)

Take your well-deserved dose of chocolate in a delicious steaming hot drink that is not only tasty but also serves you a nutritious breakfast. The dark chocolate is rich with antioxidants while the oats will provide you with long lasting energy.

Gluten free healthy hot chocolate for breakfast

As Christmas is almost here and the air gets all frosty, it`s finally time again to eat comfort food all day long. And where else to start this then with a warming breakfast? Fortunately, comfort food doesn`t mean it has to be unhealthy. Not at all actually. With a little planning you can create the cosiest dishes purely from healthy ingredients.

Breakfast chocolate drink - guten free

I already showed a few on the go breakfast options (overnight oats, buckwheat porridge, amaranth porridge), as I love to prepare ahead and take my brekkie with me to work. You can do the same thing with this recipe. It`s incredibly easy to create larger batches of this, put them in 250 ml jars (long live recycling!) and just warm them up in the microwave when you are ready to drink it. I even noticed that the overnight rest thickens the milk a little bit further, and I love thick hot chocolate so it`s just perfect for me.

Hot chocolate

Raw chocolate for hot cacao

I really like to use Lovechock for this recipe, because their chocolates are made without refined sugar that keeps this a healthy kind of nutritious breakfast drink. I found `Pure/nibs` the tastiest for the chocolate milk, because there are tiny crunchy bits left in the chocolate from the cocoa nibs in the chocolate bar that makes the texture a little more exciting.

Raw chocolate for hot cacao

Ingredients (for two portion):

  • 40 grams dark chocolate (sugar free if possible)
  • 400 ml soy milk
  • 2 tbs oat flour (it is also possible to blitz rolled oats until it becomes a fine powder)
  • 2 tsp date or maple syrup (honey would also work)
  • ½  tsp cinnamon

Grate the chocolate or chop it up with a sharp knife and set aside.

In a small pan mix oat flour with cinnamon, add a spoonful of the milk and mix well. Keep adding the milk in little by little to avoid any lumps and mix in the date syrup. Start heating it on low fire mixing occasionally. When the milk starts steaming, tip in chocolate, take off from heat and mix until the chocolate is all melted in. You can serve it straightaway or let it cool and store in clean jars in the fridge for a week, only to heat it up before drinking.


5 thoughts on “Hot choc(oats)

  1. Nora, Thank you very much again for all you recommendation for the paces to eat in Amsterdam (sorry it took me so long to reply). We didn’t manage to visit them all, as we only had one day in Amsterdam (the rest of our stay we spend traveling across North and South parts). But we had an amazing time and loved every food we tried! Can’t wait to go back there again, at some point soon.
    Have a great Christmas ahead! x


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